Molecule No8

Great Dane

Inspired by the Copenhagen coast and the raw nature of Denmark, perfumer Zarko Alhmann Pavlov's fragrances are a breath of fresh air.

I’m a bit of a fragrance obsessive, always on the hunt for a new favourite wherever I go. My latest love affair is with ZarkoPerfume, fragrances created by Denmark’s only practicing perfumer. The solitary nose in question, Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov, moved to Denmark from Yugoslavia in the Sixties, swapping warm Mediterranean climes for the crisp air and chill winds of the north.

A fashion designer by profession, Zarko fell into fragrance, spending five years training in the art of perfumery before launching ZarkoPerfume, a collection of six gender neutral scents. He works at a ‘molecular level’, focusing his attention on the raw materials. ‘Every time I try a new substance, I test it directly on the skin, not on a paper strip. Only then I know how and if it works,’ he says. What I love about his scents is that they smell well and truly 'Danish'. They are crisp, clean and with an essence of the outdoors - sea breezes, forests and freshly-cut timber - along with sombre notes - think film noir and dark Danish drama. 

My favourite? MOLéCULE No 8 (Wooden Chips) £75,  a combination of Mandarin Organic Oil, Turkish Rose Absolute, West Indian organic Patchouli Oil and Black Agarwood.  Somewhere between sun-baked wood and warm skin, it is subtle and delicious. ZarkoPerfumes, are available from Space NK.

ZarkoPerfume Molecule No 8